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I started this site to reblog uncredited work with the credit attached, which I realize is a little passive aggressive, but it alleviated the sense that I wasnt doing anything when i came across an uncredited image for which I knew the artist. If you’d like to become a member, let me know and perhaps we can create a repository of great photos and ideas with the artist properly recognized. I really had no intended single aesthetic, and it would be great if any artistic output which had been appropriated without credit could be properly recognized. Without the amazing creativity of so many people out there, and the recognition those people need to survive and make ends meet (or simply the deserved recognition of great ideas and art), sites like tumblr, and the pleasure we gain through them, would not be nearly as much fun

and if you don't know the credit for an image you are about to blog, make tineye or google image your first stop

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laurent benaim. This is the umpteenth instance of the original being infinitely better quality than this copied and degraded version

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce